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Things to think about when planning a wedding

22 November 2023

The list of things to think about when planning a wedding seems endless but we can help with our latest handy guide to wedding toilet hire.

When it comes to hiring toilets for a wedding, we have broken it down into easy to follow steps, and included the benefits to you and your guests of luxury toilet hire.

Reasons for wedding toilet hire

  • Often when planning a wedding, you cannot assume that your chosen venue will have sufficient facilities, or, if hosting the reception outdoors or in a marquee, any facilities. Wedding toilet hire will ensure that everyone has access to a toilet and no one will have to queue.
  • Where there are facilities at the venue, are there enough? Free-flowing food and drink can quickly overstretch existing facilities, leading to unhappy guests.
  • Luxury toilet units really do offer luxury facilities and guests who have travelled a long way and have taken the trouble to dress in their finest deserve the best luxury toilet hire. Luxury toilets will reflect how much you value their presence at your wedding.

What luxury portable toilet hire for weddings offers

At Fortis Hire, we are proud of what makes our toilet trailers luxury and in addition to the high end facilities, luxury toilet hire allows everyone to be included, thanks to our luxury disabled toilet.

Horror stories about the cleanliness of toilet units can be dismissed too, as guests experience just how clean portable toilets are. They can be emptied, and stocks of consumables replenished during the hire period, if necessary. The emptying service is completely discreet and it is also possible to provide you with toilet attendants who can supervise the toilets and maintain the levels of hygiene in them for you.

Wide choice of luxury toilet units available

No matter the size of your guest list, there are luxury toilet units to suit every wedding, as follows:

The Luxury 1+1 Toilet comprises one ladies’  and one gent’s cubicle and is ideal for parties of 10 to 100 guests.

The Luxury 2+1 Toilet comprises 2 ladies, 1 gent’s and 2 urinals and is best for events with 100 to 150 people.

The Luxury 3+1 Toilet has 3 ladies’, 1 gent’s and 3 urinals and is ideal for events with 150 - 300 guests.

The Luxury 4+2 Toilet features 4 ladies’, 2 gent’s and 4 urinals and is perfect for events with 300 – 450 guests.

The Luxury 8 Bay Toilet consists of 8 cubicles for use as a standalone, single gender unit or which can be converted into a 4+4 unit for mixed gender use. This is perfect for 300 – 450 guests.  

Click the link to view our entire range of luxury toilets for hire.

How to order

When guest numbers have been finalised, and you have determined how many toilets you need, call us on 01525 643850 or email us at so that we can discuss details and talk you through the hire process.

Once you place a firm order with us, we will discuss delivery and collection, help you with any required paperwork and work with you to arrange suitable insurance for the units. We help you to decide on the best location at the event venue for the toilets and we will discuss access requirements for delivery and collection. You will have 24/7 access to our dedicated hotline number which gives you direct access to our team of technicians who will be on hand to help with any emergency that arises.

Luxury toilets for hire from Fortis Hire

At trailers are new or less than 3 years old and we have supplied luxury portable toilets to over 400 weddings. Our entire team is professional and friendly  and prides itself on our customer service. Please get in touch to see how we can help you plan the perfect wedding.

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