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What makes our toilet trailers luxury?

02 September 2021

What is a luxury portable toilet trailer? We take a look at today’s luxury toilet trailers to show you why every event should have one!

So many people are reluctant to attend a function with portable toilets because they imagine being greeted by rows of plastic loos, similar to those often found on building sites. Given that research shows we each visit the loo between 6-8 times a day, is it any wonder why more and more discerning hosts are turning to luxury portable toilet hire? After all, don’t your guests deserve the best?

What is a luxury portable toilet trailer?

Step inside what looks on the outside like a normal trailer and find yourself in a high-end hotel bathroom! Marrying convenience with comfort, our luxury portable toilet trailers offer a larger, more comfortable interior than standard portable toilets, with basins rather than hand sanitiser dispensers. The luxury finish brings them in line with what you’d expect from a permanent toilet/bathroom, making them perfect for any event where you want your guests to feel welcome and valued.

What are the features of a luxury portable toilet trailer?

Our entire fleet of luxury trailers, including our smallest units, will usually include the following for the convenience of your guests:

Recessed lighting

Wood effect flooring for the look and feel of a permanent toilet

Flushable toilets

Running water

All toiletries, including luxury soap and moisturiser, as well as all paper goods (toilet tissue and paper towels)

Well-lit mirrors


What types of luxury toilet trailers are there?

We offer 6 trailers suitable for 100-450 guests, ideal for all events and celebrations, as well as luxury urinal and disabled trailers.

Luxury 1 Plus 1 Toilets are the perfect size for more modest spaces and will cater for up to 100 guests over an 8-hour period. With two individual cubicles, the self-contained unit requires nothing more than a 13-amp electrical supply.

Slightly larger and perfect for up to 150 guests over 8 hours, the Luxury 2 Plus 1 Toilets are a very popular choice for parties and smaller weddings. These units each feature 2 ladies’ toilets, 1 men’s toilet and 2 urinals.

An indispensable addition to any larger event, the Luxury 3 Plus 1 Toilets are designed to cater for up to 300 guests in an 8-hour period. Featuring heaters for the colder months, these trailers contain 3 ladies' toilets, 1 men’s toilet and 3 urinals.

Perfect for any situation where social distancing is a consideration, our Luxury 6 Bay Toilets comprise 6 individual cubicles, each with its own toilet and hand washing facilities. Each unit will cater for 300 guests, making them ideal for all events from weddings and parties to corporate and sporting events.

Our largest luxury unit, the Luxury 4 Plus 2 Toilets trailer caters for 450 guests, making it the perfect choice for larger events. Fully self-contained with its own water supply and waste storage, the unit consists of  4 ladies' toilets, 2 men’s toilets and 4 urinals. A central door between sections enables this trailer to be turned into a single-gender unit.

Second in size only to the Luxury 4 Plus 2 Toilets, the Luxury 8 Bay Toilet trailer unit is recommended for larger events and celebrations, including sporting events, county shows and festivals. The unit contains 4 ladies' toilets and 4 men’s toilets, plus a central door between the sections, allowing it to be turned into a standalone female or male unit.

What are the added benefits of luxury toilet hire?

At Fortis Hire, we will always deliver, set up and collect at a time to suit you, as part of our standard service. However, if you require an out of hours service, this can also be arranged. All waste is discreetly removed and is ethically disposed of and, if your event requires toilet attendants, these can also be provided, to provide a truly VIP experience. For longer-lasting events, consumables will be replenished and where necessary, we offer mains connection and generator hire.

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