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Outdoor events – 10 reasons you need portable toilet hire

15 September 2021

Why are portable toilets important for an outdoor event? Here, we look at exactly why you need portable toilet hire for your outdoor event.

There are many different outdoor events held throughout the year, including concerts, music events, shows and community fun days. Hosting an event outdoors may allow you to welcome larger numbers without the cost of indoor facilities, but there are likely to be no toilet facilities. The provision of portable toilets at an outdoor event is not only mandatory by law but also an incentive for members of the public to attend.

1 Ease & convenience for event attendees

When attending outdoor events, many people will check to see if there will be toilets. Depending on the size of the venue, portable toilets at multiple points will mean that visitors can find the facilities quickly which will remove any anxiety they might have, leaving them free to enjoy the event.

2 Provide an appropriate place for visitors to spend a penny!

Without appropriate or sufficient toilet facilities, visitors may find they have no choice but be creative and resourceful in their choice of where ‘to go’. This is far from ideal for visitors and represents a health hazard for organisers who will be responsible for the clear-up. Temporary toilet hire will avoid all of this. 

3 Family-friendly

If visiting an outdoor event as a family, it’s reassuring to know that there will be toilets available for little ones, with washing facilities if needed. We all know that when youngsters need the toilet, they need it NOW and knowing there are facilities at hand, allows parents to relax and enjoy the day.

4 Reduce queueing

Where there are other toilet facilities at your event, for example situated within indoor facilities, portable toilet hire will reduce the strain on them, reducing the queues for them. Where people do not have to spend large amounts of time queueing for the toilets, they have more time to enjoy the event.

5 Less mess

After your event, there will be an amount of clearing up and even more so with larger scale events. With portable toilet hire from Fortis Hire, we remove all waste discreetly and will supply toilet attendants as required. The portable toilet units will be taken away at the end of your event and we will clean them thoroughly without you having to worry about it.

6 Accessibility

To ensure compliance, and render your event accessible to all, we offer Luxury Disabled Toilet hire. Perfect for wheelchair users and parents with prams, the units ensure event visitors of all abilities have access to appropriate toilet facilities.

7 Environmentally friendly

Portable toilet hire supports event organisers to reduce their carbon footprint. Luxury toilet trailers require no water supply and their flushing mechanisms require the use of less water than a plumbed-in toilet. Waste is also disposed off ethically and responsibly.

8 Portability

By definition, portable toilet trailers are just that, portable! They can be placed anywhere, on level ground, that suits the venue and can be moved easily. Once the event is over, the trailers can be removed quickly, with the minimum of fuss.

9 Hygienic and sanitary

Providing portable toilets that meet all health and safety regulations means your visitors can enjoy the highest standards of facilities. Attendants can be arranged as desired to maintain the cleanliness of the units and, where the event is longer-lasting, regular and discreet emptying can take place with very little disruption to guests.

10 Cost effective

For most outdoor events, the cost to erect permanent toilets cannot be justified – the event may not be a regular or a permanent one and the venue may not be appropriate. Factoring in the cost of a new-build where it would be feasible, hiring portable toilet trailers is still more cost effective, as regular attendance and servicing can be included where required. Additionally, portable toilets use less energy, saving money on water and electricity.

Fortis Hire specialises in providing easy-to-install and hygienic portable toilet trailers for every type of outdoor event, and our full range of Luxury Toilet Trailers can be seen here. To find out more about our range of products and the services we offer, email us at or call our team today on 01525 643850, where we will be happy to help and to answer any questions.

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