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Portable hand washing stations – why do I need one and how clean are they?

04 November 2021

What is a portable handwashing station? Will my business benefit from having them? Are they clean? Our helpful guide will answer all these questions and more.

The importance of hand-washing has never been more relevant than in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, with businesses and school communities providing increased facilities in line with social distancing restrictions. As we emerge from these restrictions, more and more businesses are continuing to make portable hand washing stations available to their workforces.

What is a portable hand washing station?

A portable hand washing station provides a safe and hygienic way for people to wash their hands in situations and locations where there is no access to plumbing or running water.  The fully mobile units can be used indoors or out.  

How do portable hand washing stations work?

Portable hand washing stations are operated via a hands-free foot pump, and therefore require no electrical supply or plumbing. Our portable hand wash stations have a fresh water capacity of 83 litres and 90 litres grey water capacity which allows each station to be used almost 350 times without refilling; each station has two integral basins, two soap dispensers and four paper towel dispensers. Both water tanks are held within the unit and each is connected or disconnected easily when they need to be filled or emptied. The tanks are completely separate so that they cannot be switched by mistake.

Benefits of a portable hand washing station

Portable hand washing stations provide high quality hand washing facilities wherever they are necessary.

The hand washing stations are completely portable. The built-in lift handles enable you to position the compact unit quickly and easily if it has to be relocated.

In food prep areas, portable hand washing stations can be installed to create hygiene stations without the expense of fitting new or extra plumbing.

Portable hand washing stations allow your business or workplace to comply fully with health and safety regulations.

Where can portable hand washing stations be used?

Our portable hand washing stations are ideal for indoor use and durable enough for outdoor use, making them perfect for sporting events, festivals and building sites. In school communities, where it is paramount for children to understand the importance of regular hand washing, portable hand washing stations can help to establish good hand washing practices, vital to prevent the spread of disease.

What size is a portable hand washing station?

Height: 157cm

Width: 67cm

Depth: 54cm

Weight empty: 70 lbs.

Weight full: 250 lbs.

Why hire a portable hand washing station from Fortis Hire?

Our experienced delivery team will deliver and set up your portable hand washing station at a time that is convenient to you, your workplace and your employees. Each unit is delivered with 1000 paper towels and 1.8 litres of liquid soap. You have access to our 24-hour telephone support and, based on usage and accessibility, removal of all waste can be scheduled to suit you. At the end of the hire, collection will be at a time convenient for you.

For more information about our portable hand washing stations, contact us by telephone on 01525 643850 or by email at

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