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A guide to wedding toilet hire

16 October 2023

Planning a family wedding is a special time, as well as a stressful time! Luxury toilet hire from Fortis Hire can take the stress away and, in this guide, we tell you how.

Luxury toilet hire isn’t the preserve of large-scale, society weddings and hiring toilets for a wedding isn’t just for wedding planners and organisers. Today the most modest of nuptials can benefit from wedding toilet hire in the following ways:

  • Wedding guests deserve luxury and where budget or guest numbers dictate a smaller venue, hiring extra luxury portable toilets will be greatly appreciated by all.
  • Where a venue has very few permanent toilets, wedding toilet hire can complement them and help to reduce queueing for guests.
  • Winter wedding guests don’t have to be subjected to cold and dreary facilities as the majority of units have heaters that are perfect for cold weather events.

Steps for hiring toilets for a wedding

  • Decide on the number and type of luxury toilet units you need. This will depend on guest numbers and venue size. For example, our smallest unit, the Luxury 1+1 Toilet, features two individual cubicles on a single axle trailer making it perfect for small spaces, or as a complement to existing facilities. It will service up to 100 guests over an 8-hour period, whereas the Luxury 2+1 Toilet offers 2 ladies' toilets, 1 men's toilet and 2 urinals, sufficient for up to 150 guests. Individual descriptions of the units in our luxury toilet range include capacity, unit size and a floor plan to help you.
  • Consider the layout of the space available for the toilet units. Where access to the units may be difficult, some of our units, such as the Luxury 2+1 and the Luxury 3+1, have access from both sides.
  • Once you have an idea of your requirements, get in touch with us and we can walk you through the rest of the hire process.

Wedding toilet hire from Fortis Hire

Once you make initial contact with us, we will help you to decide on which trailers you want to hire and once you have placed an order with us, we will do the rest!

Our highly trained team will arrange all the necessary paperwork, where required.

We will arrange for the units to be delivered and installed at a time to suit you.

The units will be delivered in pristine condition, fully stocked with luxury consumables and eco-friendly paper goods.

We can arrange generator hire where an electricity supply is required.

Where necessary, units can be emptied discreetly during the event.

You will be responsible for insuring the units throughout the hire period, but we can arrange that for you too.

When the wedding is over, we will collect the units and dispose of all waste.

To give you complete peace of mind in the unlikely event that you need support during the hire period, you will have 24-hour telephone access to our team of skilled technicians.

Get in touch today

Weddings take place throughout the year and units are booked far in advance. To avoid disappointment, get in touch as soon as you have a date and a venue booked. We can be contacted by email at or phone on 01525 643850.


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