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Why you need luxury toilet hire at New Year

13 November 2023

Staff have worked hard all year and as a thank you, you are organising a New Year’s Eve party. Our latest guide tells you why you need luxury toilet hire to make the party go with a bang!

Not often at the top of a to-do list when planning a celebration but party toilet hire really should be if you want party-goers to have the best experience possible, and here’s why…

Luxury toilet hire reduces queues

Free-flowing food and drink increases the demand on toilet facilities and the last thing your guests will want to do, is queue for the loo when they could be dancing the night away. Where there are permanent facilities at a venue, are they situated within easy access to all areas? Additional party toilet hire will mean people won’t have to go far to find a toilet and can get back to having fun much more quickly.

Portable toilet hire for parties means no venue has to be ruled out

You’ve found the venue of your dreams that everyone will love but the toilets are a) too few in number or b) just not that great. With luxury toilet hire, every venue can be considered and if you decide to hold a marquee party far from the crowds, no problem!

Party toilet hire relieves pressure on existing facilities

Where a venue does have permanent toilet facilities, are you confident they will cope with the demand from your guests? Guidelines for how many portable toilets you need are clear but guest numbers and refreshments being served will make a difference. Luxury toilet hire will give you peace of mind that your guests definitely have sufficient facilities.

Luxury portable toilet hire makes guests feel valued

For many people, New Year celebrations are a calendar highlight and they will dress up to the nines in their finest. Imagine then being greeted with cramped, poorly stocked toilets that are badly-lit! Luxury toilet trailers are spacious, well-lit and well stocked with indulgent, luxury consumables. Their interiors offer a generous vanity area and all boast a boutique finish and many more features and benefits.

Luxury toilet units reflect the quality of the event

You’ve organised the biggest party of the year and you want it to be remembered for all the right reasons. Luxury toilet hire is a direct reflection on the calibre of the event and the skills of the organiser. People will remember that party where the loos were just like being in a hotel!

Your guests deserve luxury facilities

Maybe the most important reason of all why you need luxury toilet hire at New Year is quite simply because your guests deserve it! A VIP portable toilet trailer provides the perfect, final touch of luxury and glamour to the evening and guests will leave feeling pampered and appreciated.

Choice of luxury toilet trailers from Fortis Hire

Whether you are hosting 50 guests or 450 guests, we have the perfect luxury toilet unit for your celebrations. None of our units is older than three years and all feature recessed lighting, well-lit mirrors, running hot and cold water, and ceramic toilets and basins.

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