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Christmas party luxury toilet hire

24 October 2023

Christmas is our busiest time of year and it’s never too early to book your luxury toilet hire. We tell you how!

Calculate the number of toilets you need

An opportunity for staff to let their hair down and for employers to thank their workforce for a year of hard work, the Christmas party is the highlight of the works calendar. However if toilet facilities are in short supply, guests could spend much of their time queueing for the toilet when they could be enjoying themselves, so it’s vital to have the correct number of toilets for guests. How many portable toilets do I need? will help and the final number will depend on guest numbers, whether refreshments are being served and how long the event will last.

Luxury or standard portable toilets?

When organising a Christmas party ask yourself whether guests deserve luxury or standard portable toilets, bearing in mind that the quality of the facilities you provide will reflect on the quality of the event – who wants to be dressed up to the nines to queue up for a standard plastic toilet, when luxury toilet hire is available?

Choosing your luxury toilet trailers

Luxury toilets for hire are available in a wide selection of configurations and layouts and include luxury disabled toilets, luxury portable urinals and the eco-friendly luxury vacuum toilet pods. The following are some of our more popular portable toilets for parties but please see individual product pages for full descriptions and dimensions.





Luxury 2+1 toilet

2 ladies' toilets, 1 men's toilet and 2 urinals

Up to 150 people over an 8-hour period

Luxury 3+1 toilet

3 ladies' toilets, 1 men’s toilet and 3 urinals

Up to 300 people over an 8-hour period

Luxury portable urinal

24 adult troughs + children’s section


Luxury disabled toilet

Spacious interior, handrails, ramp, reduced-height sink and mirror



Christmas party toilet hire from Fortis Hire

There are many reasons for luxury toilet hire but when you choose Fortis Hire, you will benefit from a family run business with over 20 years’ experience in the events industry. Covering an extended geographical area, we are the UK’s fastest growing luxury toilet hire company, offering a personal service with excellent customer service. Once you have secured your booking, we will lead you through every step of the hire process, carrying out relevant risk assessments and other required paperwork. You will also be given 24-hour access to our dedicated support line and professional technicians. Demand at Christmas is high so please be aware that is it preferable to book early to avoid disappointment. As soon as the party date is set,  start your party toilet hire by emailing us at for a no-obligation quote or call our friendly team on 01525 643850 today.

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