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10 reasons for luxury toilet hire

14 September 2023

You need portable toilet hire for an event but do you go for plastic portable toilets or luxury toilet hire? Here are our reasons you should choose luxury toilet hire every time.

Luxury toilets give the right impression

Whether you are providing extra facilities for a family party or are organising a public event, luxury toilet hire gives the right impression! Offer special guests a truly VIP experience with luxurious and spacious facilities equipped with indulgent consumables, that reflect the calibre of your event.

Wide choice of toilet units

Unlike standard portable toilet hire which is supplied as standalone, single use units, luxury toilet trailers offer several options to choose from. Whether you need a small, Luxury 1+1 Toilet to supplement existing domestic facilities (for example when you are undergoing home renovations) or a Luxury 8 Bay Toilet for a music festival, there are units for every size and type of event.

Luxury toilets offer luxury facilities

Luxury toilet units have ceramic basins with hot and cold running water, fully flushing toilets, and all but the smallest unit have heaters for year round use.

Luxury toilets provide extra facilities

If your chosen venue has permanent facilities but just not enough, luxury toilet hire enables organisers to provide sufficient so that guests don’t have long to wait and will not have to queue for long.

Luxury toilets offer convenience to organisers

Where organisers have a to-do list that seems to be endless, luxury toilet hire is convenient and hassle-free. Requiring no mains water connection and just a 13-amp electrical supply (which can even be supplied by way of generator hire where required), units can be installed quickly and easily with the minimum of disruption for organisers.

Luxury toilets make guests feel valued and important

Stepping into luxury toilet units, especially after a long journey to the venue, will instantly make guests feel special. The high end finish and comfortable facilities will make guests feel appreciated and valued, and happy guests will be returning guests.

Luxury toilets have good eco-credentials

A luxury, flushing toilet unit will use less water than a traditional, plumbed-in toilet and a luxury vacuum toilet even less still.

Luxury toilet units have spacious vanity areas

The vanity areas in luxury toilet trailers are spacious and well-equipped. Guests can freshen up at leisure and touch up their appearance in good-sized, well-lit mirrors, without jostling with other users for the space.

Luxury toilets are clean and hygienic

Delivered steam-cleaned, deodorised and in pristine condition, all units are installed fully stocked. For multi-day event hire, the toilets can be emptied, cleaned and restocked in situ, ensuring your guests have access to clean facilities at all times.    

Luxury toilet hire raises the profile of your event

In the past, our expectations of the facilities provided at events have not always been met. Imagine then, your guests’ reactions when they are confronted with luxury facilities. Satisfied customers are far more likely to recommend your next event to friends and family, raising your profile and brand image, and will in turn be more likely to return themselves. 

Luxury toilet hire from Fortis Hire

At Fortis Hire, our range of luxury toilets includes a unit for every occasion. We supply luxury disabled toilets, luxury urinals and vacuum toilet pods, as well as the best of the eco-friendly units on the market, the Fresh Flush 5 Bay toilet trailer. To discuss any aspect of luxury toilet hire, get in touch today by email at or telephone on 01525 643850.

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