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A guide to hiring portable toilets for your Christmas party

15 October 2021

Christmas party season will soon be upon us and at Fortis Hire, it is one of our busiest periods. Get a head start with our handy guide to hiring luxury toilet trailers for your office Christmas party, and book early to avoid disappointment!

It’s Christmas, spirits are high and the drinks are flowing much more than usual. The result? Massive queues at the toilets with irate party goers desperate to spend the night having fun, rather than waiting for the loo! To avoid this, Fortis Hire has a range of luxury toilet trailers for hire throughout the party season, to cater for the welfare needs of all revellers.

How many toilets do you need for an event?


This will depend on your particular party but things to consider include:

The size of venue – if your party will cover a large area, you may need more units so that people have easy access wherever they are.

Number of guests and the gender split.

How long your event will last.

Whether there is food and drink.

As a starting point, we recommend one toilet for every 50 guests and our individual unit descriptions will advise you on how many guests each is suitable for.

Luxury portable toilet trailers


Luxury 1 Plus 1

Our smallest unit features two individual cubicles in a single trailer and is perfect for up to 100 guests over an 8-hour period.

Luxury 2 Plus 1

A popular choice for parties, our Luxury 2 Plus 1 has a high end feel with two ladies’ toilets at one end and one men’s toilet plus two urinals at the other. Ample facilities for up to 150 guests over 8 hours.

Luxury 3 Plus 1

Our most popular unit, the 3 Plus 1 has three ladies’ toilets and one men’s toilet plus 3 urinals. Ideal for the needs of up to 300 guests in an eight-hour period.

Luxury 4 Plus 2

For really large parties of up to 450 guests, our largest luxury unit contains 4 ladies’ toilets, 4 men’s toilets plus 4 urinals. The unit has a central door which can be left open to turn this into a single gender unit.

Luxury 8 Bay

Similar to the Luxury 4 Plus 2, our Luxury 8 Bay Toilet unit does not feature urinals and could be turned into a ladies only unit quite easily.

Luxury Disabled Toilet

To ensure accessibility for all your guests, our Luxury Disabled unit is a must-have. With one toilet and plenty of room for wheelchair users, the unit has a ramp, handrails and reduced height sink and mirror.

Luxury Portable Urinal

With sufficient troughs for 24 men, as well as a section for children, our Luxury Portable Urinal is the perfect addition to larger parties where there is a high number of men.

As well as delivering the units at a time to suit you, we stock our luxury toilet trailers with high end, luxury consumables. With mood lighting and heating our toilets will make your guests feel valued but to make them feel even more special, we can also provide the services of a toilet attendant who will maintain the unit throughout your party.

All we ask of you is that you have a flat area for the toilets and a 13-amp electrical supply, as each unit has its own water supply and waste storage. Once your party is over, our technicians will remove the trailers when it is convenient for you.

There’s no nicer way to show staff or friends and family that they are thought of highly than to throw a party with fabulous, luxury facilities. So, if you are planning a Christmas party, get in touch today on 01525 643850 or at

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