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What are the best toilets for a wedding?

22 April 2024

Wedding toilet hire is not just popular with wedding planners but also for families organising the wedding reception themselves. Here is our guide to the best toilets available.

Not everyone has access to the services of an event planner or wedding coordinator and for the happy couple organising their own celebrations, perhaps with the help of family and friends, it can be daunting. At Fortis Hire, we have helped hundreds of engaged couples to arrange luxury toilet hire for their guests and these are our top luxury toilets for hire.

Generally, our advice is to provide one toilet for every 50 guests. Celebrations taking place in village halls or community centres or even in the couple’s home, may fall short of this number which is where toilet hire for weddings is a lifesaver. But what types of toilet trailer are available and what will you get?

Luxury toilets for hire

Whether you are expecting fewer than 100 guests or more than 400, we offer a wide choice of portable toilets for weddings including:

Luxury 1 plus 1 toilet – our smallest unit, the Luxury 1 plus 1 toilet is perfect for smaller venues where space may be limited and is the perfect complement to existing toilet facilities. With two individual cubicles, this single axle trailer will easily accommodate up to 100 people over an 8-hour period.

Luxury 2 plus 1 toilet – a popular choice for engaged couples, the Luxury 2 plus 1 toilet offers 2 ladies' toilets, 1 men's toilet and 2 urinals (to accommodate 150 people) and comes with its own water supply and waste storage.

Luxury 3 plus 1 toilet – this is the most popular unit in our fleet for weddings and the perfect party loo! It has 3 ladies' toilets, 1 men’s toilet and 3 urinals and will happily serve 300 people. Fully contained with its own water supply and waste storage, the Luxury 3 plus 1 toilet needs only a 13 amp electrical supply.

Fresh Flush 5 Bay Toilet Trailers – an eco-friendly and hardworking member of the fleet, the Fresh flush 5 bay toilet is completely self-sufficient, requiring no mains supply of electricity or water. With 5 individual cubicles to service 150 people across 8 hours, the unit runs on solar powered technology and is 100% chemical-free, making it ideal for open air wedding celebrations in more remote spots.

Disabled portable toilet hire – where couples are working to a tighter budget and can only hire one type of toilet unit, we always recommend the Luxury disabled toilet. Family- and wheelchair-friendly, all guests can be accommodated and will be able to enjoy your celebrations freely.

The above are just some of our luxury toilets for hire and each product description will give you individual details and dimensions to help your further.

Features of luxury toilets for hire

For many couples, the thought of offering their guests the use of facilities more associated with construction sites or festivals can be off putting. However, our wedding toilets for hire offer a complete VIP experience for guests, offering a host of features that all combine to make them luxurious and special. From mood lighting to spacious interiors with heating, and all stocked with luxurious consumables, these are the toilets your guests deserve. To find out more, read What you get with luxury toilet hire.

Portable toilet hire for weddings from Fortis Hire

If you are looking for luxury portable toilet hire, we can help. We offer over 20 years’ experience in the provision of luxury toilets and our simple booking process and free delivery and collection service, will leave the happy couple free to enjoy their day. For more information or for a free, no obligation quote, please email us at or give our friendly team a call on 01525 643850.

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