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Urinal hire – everything you need to know

14 February 2022

Portable urinal hire is essential for anyone organising and running an outdoor public event. We tell you everything you need to know about portable urinals available to hire.

For public event organisers, portable urinal hire can make great economic sense, particularly where there will be a high proportion of male attendees and where there will be refreshments available. There are several other benefits as follows:

Benefits of portable urinal hire

A portable urinal unit can take the place of portable toilet units and speed up the flow of male attendees through the facilities. This, in turn will reduce queueing times for the toilets, allowing event guests to get back to the entertainment much more quickly. Portable urinal units and luxury urinal trailers require no mains water supply, allowing them to be positioned in convenient locations at the event, so guests do not have far to go to find the toilets. The waterless system makes the portable urinals environmentally-friendly and time saving too.  Providing a males only facility also frees up cubicles for female guests and anyone needing a cubicle. Portable urinals are fully sanitised prior to delivery and can be installed quickly and are ready for immediate use.

Portable urinal hire from Fortis Hire

In addition to our luxury portable toilet units, we offer two options for portable urinal hire, a 6 man plastic urinal and a luxury portable urinal.

6 man plastic urinal hire

Our 6 man plastic urinal is a great solution for outdoor events of all sizes, as they can be positioned individually or in groups. The self-contained units are open ended, allowing for optimum traffic flow and ventilation, and feature a large capacity waste tank. Hand sanitiser is provided with the unit, so there is no need for connection to a mains water supply. The unit offers easy, flat level, walk-through access and has a trough on either side to accommodate up to six males at any one time. Ideal for setting up near beer tents and refreshment areas, the 6 man plastic urinal is discreet and private.

Luxury portable urinal

Our luxury portable urinal trailer has a 1500 litre (300+ gallons) capacity waste tank, large enough for heavy usage throughout the duration of an event, and it uses a waterless system so there is no need for a mains water connection. Waterless hand sanitisers are also provided. In an enclosed, self-contained trailer unit, the luxury urinal requires a standard, 13-amp electrical supply for the strip lighting, and is ideal for cold weather events. The unit has non-slip flooring with troughs for 24 males, plus a section for children. Our fully trained technicians will deliver and install the luxury urinal trailer, testing it and stocking it with all necessary consumables prior to departure. Luxury portable urinal trailers are ideal for use alongside other luxury toilet trailers in hospitality areas.

What events is urinal hire suitable for?

Portable urinal hire is suitable for any outdoor event with a large proportion of male attendees or where it is important to minimise queues. They are particularly welcome at concerts and festivals, sporting events, car boot shows, county shows, and community events such as village fetes and fireworks parties.

Why hire a portable urinal from Fortis Hire?

As a family run business, based in Buckinghamshire, we supply portable urinals across a large geographical area incorporating London and the home counties, as well as Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Middlesex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, and Warwickshire. Our entire fleet of units and trailers is less than three years old and is made up of the best products available from market-leading manufacturers.  We offer 24-hour support on all bookings and customers have access to our skilled engineers 365 days a year.

For more details of how to hire a portable urinal, or to discuss your precise requirements, get in touch today by calling 01525 643850 or emailing us at

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