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Portable showers – why do I need one?

14 December 2023

For many industries, portable shower unit hire is becoming increasingly popular. Our latest guide examines why and takes a look at which industries need them.

Today there are not just a wide selection of events that would benefit from shower block hire, but also a host of industries so, if you’re not sure whether you, your staff, or an event you are organising needs portable showers, read on.

Shower unit hire for events

As more events now take place over several days, often (as is the case with large-scale music festivals) in more remote locations with no access to permanent utilities, shower block hire makes perfect sense. Attendees at sporting fixtures too will appreciate the provision of facilities that enable them to maintain personal hygiene levels.

Shower unit hire in industry

Construction - the most obvious sector to benefit from portable shower units is the building and construction industry. Facilities to freshen up at the end of a long and dirty day will make construction workers feel valued as well as enabling them to rid themselves of any irritants they may have come into contact with. Stepping into your own vehicle to head home is much nicer when you’re fresh and clean too!

Commercial refurbishments – if you are having facilities refurbished, perhaps at a public gym, providing temporary shower facilities could make the difference between having to close for the duration of the works and therefore losing revenue, or being able to continue to trade.

Sporting venues – where premises such as schools and colleges welcome visiting teams for sports competitions, hiring portable shower units helps to maintain correct ratios in line with DfE guidance. 

Film & TV industry – as well as providing honey wagon hire to the film and TV industry, we also provide mobile shower units to location shoots in remote areas so that all involved are able to freshen up after a long day. This helps to maintain morale on set and contributes to the health and wellbeing of performers and crew members.

Farming sector – with more farms employing seasonal workers and with many permanent farmworkers often coming into contact with chemicals and sprays, having shower units available to workers allows them to reduce the risk they are in contact with potentially harmful substances. At the end of a physically hard day, too, workers will appreciate being able to take a shower to clean up.

Benefits of mobile shower unit hire

The benefits of portable shower trailers are many. From showing your workforce how much you value them and their wellbeing, to keeping them safe from potential harm, hiring a shower unit is an affordable way to provide home comforts and privacy.

Portable shower block hire from Fortis Hire

We supply a 4-bay shower unit, a 6-bay shower unit, and a disabled shower unit, which can be hired for both long and short term contracts. We can also supply an IBC with pump where no mains water supply is available. Trailers feature individual, lockable cubicles with non-slip flooring, mirror, seat and washbasin and all will be delivered and installed by our experienced team – all we need is a flat surface. For long term contracts, we can offer a maintenance and cleaning service and for all hires we remove all waste and dispose of it ethically.

To find out more about portable shower rental please send us an email to or give our friendly team a call on 01525 643850 today.

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