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5 occasions to hire a portable shower unit

17 January 2022

Whether you are overseeing a site refurbishment or organising an overnight event, a portable shower unit is the perfect addition to many large projects. We look at occasions that would benefit from portable shower unit hire.

There is a wide variety of scenarios where portable shower rental can add value to a project and here, we look at our top 5!

Portable shower rental for refurbishments

Wherever corporate refurbishments are taking place that require regular facilities to be taken out of commission for the duration of the work, portable shower trailer rental can make the difference between having to close the business temporarily or continue to trade, without loss of revenue. For example, refitting a sports complex without closing will be possible if alternative facilities can be provided for stakeholders.  

Portable shower rental for schools and colleges

As school and college communities increase, the cost of providing permanent shower facilities can be prohibitive. Portable shower trailer hire enables you to maintain the correct ratio of showers: student. The DfE guidance states that showers should be available in sufficient number to meet the needs of the community, must be separate from toilets and must provide adequate privacy. Similarly when a school or college hosts a sporting event such as a tournament or competition where they will welcome students from other institutions, portable shower trailers will ensure that visitors also have facilities at their disposal.

Portable shower rental for construction sites

When project managing new builds, the provision of portable shower trailers for construction workers shows members of your workforce how valued they are by you. Being able to shower or wash before travelling home in, often, their own vehicles means very little clean up will be needed in the vehicle or when they arrive at home. It also allows workers to clean themselves of any materials that could irritate them if left in contact with skin, keeping them safe and free from harm.

Portable shower rental for overnight events

Historically, overnight events such as music festivals or sporting fixtures have not enjoyed a good reputation where the provision of personal hygiene facilities for attendees are concerned. Now, you can provide anyone coming to your event with a small taste of home with a portable shower unit. With many trailers featuring a changing area option, and with the temperature set at an ambient 38°C, visitors can freshen up, in comfort, mid-event.

Portable shower rental for the healthcare sector

No hospital wants to be operating at full capacity or to have seriously ill patients who require long term care. Unfortunately, the recent past has shown us that such healthcare settings can become overwhelmed easily. In instances like this, portable shower units provide extra personal hygiene facilities for patients or staff alike in a clean environment.

Portable shower rental from Fortis Hire

Our portable shower units are available as 4, 5 or 6-bay trailers to suit every occasion and will be installed by our experienced technicians at a time that is convenient for you. Where no mains water is available, an intermediate bulk container (IBC) plus pump can be supplied.

All our portable shower trailers feature a non-slip, safety flooring and have lockable, individual shower bays which each have a basin, mirror, seat and clothes hook. Our range also includes a disabled shower unit which allows your site or event to be fully compliant; this unit has an accessible ramp, an extra-wide doorway and hand rails, and features a spacious drying area.  

Our mobile shower units are available on long- or short-term hire options and we offer 24-hour access to our team of emergency technicians throughout the hire period. A maintenance and cleaning option is also available to allow regular cleaning staff to remain focused in their usual areas.

We supply portable shower units in London, across the home counties and as far as Northamptonshire in the north, to Wiltshire and Hampshire in the south. For more information, please contact us on 01525 643850 or by email at

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