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The benefits of portable shower trailers

26 October 2021

What exactly is a portable shower trailer and why would you need one? Our helpful guide runs through the benefits to you and your workforce, of portable showers.

What is a portable shower trailer?

A portable shower trailer is a mobile shower unit that can be installed anywhere that is lacking in permanent shower facilities. Where bathrooms are not available, a portable shower trailer offers the perfect solution.

Why do I need portable shower trailer hire?

A portable shower trailer is the ideal choice for anyone organising outdoor events or activities. For example, for festivals, building sites and camp sites, where there is no permanent bathroom facilities, a portable shower is a great alternative.

Benefits of portable shower trailer hire

Value your workforce – if you are involved in any building works or construction where employees rush home to shower, portable shower trailers offer a great solution. At the very least, your workforce will be able to shower down before getting into their personal vehicle to travel home, minimising the amount of clear-up they have to do at home.

Keep employees safe – where workers come into contact with potentially harmful materials, for example on poultry farms, where they get particularly dirty or where they are required to use PPE (personal protective equipment), a portable shower trailer will give them the means to wash thoroughly to ensure that no harmful substances have prolonged contact with the skin.

Home comforts - portable shower trailers offer a home-from-home experience, ideal for festival go-ers, construction workers and campers alike, who can enjoy the same experience as they would at home. The showers have a set 38° C temperature, with many trailers also featuring changing room options, making them the ideal solution for either thorough washing or for quick freshening up.

Flexibility – portable shower trailers can be easily installed by our team and can be located on any flat surface to suit your site. They can also be moved from site to site quickly and effectively as required.

Privacy – portable shower trailers are private units for exclusive use to you and your team and/or guests. They cannot be accessed without correct keys, ensuring anyone using them remains safe at all times.

Convenient and time-saving – equipping your site with every toilet and wash facility your team needs reduces their time off-site, making them more productive when they are present.

Affordable and flexible – with a choice between short and long-term hire options, our portable shower trailers can move with you as sites change ensuring constant access to facilities for your workforce. Alternatively, they can be hired for the duration of a single job.

Low maintenance – as part of our comprehensive service, we are able to offer a maintenance and cleaning option which frees you up to focus on your project and allows your regular cleaning staff to focus on other areas of their work.

Environmentally-friendly – Fortis Hire takes full responsibility for the removal of the waste generated by our portable shower trailers and we take this extremely seriously. All waste is removed and disposed of ethically.

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