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Why you need a portable shower trailer for your event

30 August 2022

Event organisers co-ordinating multi-day events such as music festivals and glamping weekends, are turning more and more to portable shower trailer rental. This guide looks at the benefits of portable showers for your next event.

The list of occasions when portable shower trailer rental is suitable is long, and includes multi-day events often held in locations that do not have access to permanent running water (think summer music festivals) and new build construction sites to name but two. However, there are very few events that would not benefit (see our article 5 occasions to hire a portable shower unit) and here, we look at the advantages to event organisers of portable shower rental.

Portable shower trailers attract larger visitor numbers

When events last for several days, visitors are more likely to stay for the duration if they have access to shower facilities. Without such facilities, organisers will see attendance numbers fall as people leave to return home to shower.

Portable shower trailers improve guest hygiene

Large numbers of people in smaller event spaces, where excitement and energy levels are running high, will create an increase in perspiration and therefore body odour. If any attendee struggles with these issues, their overall enjoyment will be lessened, leading them to having a bad experience. Access to a portable shower will enable them to participate fully and they will leave with a great sense of enjoyment.

Portable shower trailers can protect against heat damage

Summer events in locations with little shade often see guests exposed to extreme temperatures, which can increase the potential for heat exhaustion or even sun stroke. The presence of portable shower trailers gives attendees the opportunity to cool down, reducing potential health risks.  

Portable shower trailers encourage greater participation

Where sports fixtures are held over a weekend, or several days, participants will be motivated to take part in more events if they are able stay clean and fresh between each one; the presence of shower facilities encourages greater participation as competitors know they will be able to wash themselves down.

Portable shower trailers contribute to a healthy environment

When everyone at an event is able to maintain their individual cleanliness throughout, the spread of illness amongst attendees is greatly reduced. Showering means guests are less likely to transmit bacteria and viruses, with contact transmission being kept under control too.

Portable shower trailer rental from Fortis Hire

Our mobile shower units can be hired with 4, 5, or 6 bays and are delivered, installed and collected by our experienced and friendly team. Where there is little or no onsite water supply, we can also arrange the hire of an intermediate bulk container plus pump.

Our gas powered shower trailers are delivered in pristine, clean condition and benefit from safety flooring, individual, lockable bays, mirrors, seating and clothing hooks.  

To ensure your event is accessible to all, we also offer a disabled shower unit with ramp, wheelchair access, hand rails and a spacious drying area.

Shower trailers are available for short- or long-term hire and for larger events, we can arrange to have an attendant on hand for you. All customers also have access to a dedicated support telephone line which is available round the clock for technical support and help. For extended hire periods, we also offer a maintenance and cleaning option.

Portable shower rental near me

Thanks to access to the M1 and M25 from our base in Buckinghamshire, giving us connections to the rest of the country, we deliver to London and the Home Counties. A full list of the areas we cover can be found here but if you can’t see your area, please do get in touch to see how we can help. Call us on 01525 643850 or send us an email at

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