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Luxury toilet hire for a winter wedding

15 February 2024

Winter weddings are romantic and magical with roaring fires and snowy landscapes, but how do they differ from nuptials that take place in traditional wedding season?

With the majority of weddings taking place between May and October, winter weddings are still an unusual choice and bring with them their own set of particular needs. From having fewer daylight hours for outdoor photography, to ensuring your guests stay warm and comfortable, the winter wedding planner has lots more boxes to tick to keep everyone happy. Luxury toilet hire from Fortis Hire is one way to satisfy the happy couple and their guests, and here’s why... 

The benefits of wedding toilet hire for winter weddings

  • For guests who have travelled a long way, the provision of luxury facilities, with heating and spacious interiors where they can freshen up, will be very welcome. High-end interiors and indulgent consumables will give guests a VIP experience to remember.
  • Where the venue has permanent facilities, luxury portable toilet hire will ensure no one has to queue for the loo! Wedding guests don’t want to miss speeches or the first dance because they’re stuck in a queue waiting for too few toilets. Strategically positioned toilet units will give guests access to facilities wherever they may be at the venue, so no one has too far to walk.
  • Cold weather often makes us need the toilet more often, so where existing facilities may be overwhelmed by higher volumes of traffic, hiring toilets for a wedding will ease the strain on existing facilities and stop them from becoming overwhelmed.

How many toilets do I need for a wedding?

The question we are often asked and of course the answer depends on guest numbers, whether the venue has existing facilities, how long the celebrations will last and how much food and drink will be served. For example a wedding with an all-day bar and food throughout, will needs more luxury toilets than those with evening refreshments only. As a general rule of thumb, we advise one toilet for every 50 guests but How many portable toilets do you need for a wedding? has lots of helpful advice and information.

Choice of luxury toilets for hire

Winter wedding guests deserve nothing but the best and with more than 1500 weddings under our belt, Fortis Hire has a wide choice of trailers for every size wedding. The following are our most popular luxury toilets for hire:

For intimate events from 10 to 100 people, our Luxury 1 Plus 1 (one ladies’, and one gent’s toilet) unit is ideal. Please not that as the smallest unit in our fleet, this is the only trailer without heating.

For events with 100 to 190 people, choose the  Luxury 2 Plus 1 comprising 2 ladies’, 1 gent’s, and 2 urinals.

The Luxury 3 Plus 1, with 3 ladies’, 1 gent’s, and 3 urinals is highly recommended for weddings with guest numbers between 250 and 350 guests.

For 350-500 guests, the Luxury 4 Plus 2 is a popular choice, with 4 ladies’, 2 gent’s, and 4 urinals.

And finally, one of the largest luxury units in our fleet, the Luxury 8 Bay features 8 cubicles (or 4+4 for dual use ) and is perfect for 350 – 500 guests

Hiring toilets for a wedding from Fortis Hire

Our specialist sales team is here to help. From initial enquiry (via email or phone), we will advise on the best luxury toilet units for your needs, arranging all necessary paperwork. From convenient delivery and installation times to a discreet emptying service, we will make sure the day runs smoothly. We can even supply generator hire if necessary and we can advise on the best insurance for the units during the hire period.

Book early and avoid disappointment

Do remember though, that while traditional wedding season is our busiest time of year, there is always a high demand for our luxury toilet hire for weddings. To avoid disappointment for your winter wedding, contact us soon as you have a date and a venue. Email us at or call us on 01525 643850 today.

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