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Wedding toilet hire – a complete guide

20 March 2023

When you are organising a wedding and it is your responsibility to provide the perfect day, it pays to get the luxury toilet hire just right. Our latest guide shows you how.

There are several considerations to take into account that will influence your decisions when hiring toilets for a wedding. Some of the factors are:

Available space at the venue

Larger luxury toilet trailers obviously have a bigger footprint than smaller ones. Where space is limited, our smallest luxury unit, the Luxury 1 Plus 1 Toilet, is ideal for tight spaces and is perfect for more intimate celebrations of up to 100 guests.

The site layout

In an ideal world, every wedding venue would offer a fully accessible site with plenty of access and lots of choice. The reality is very different. Some of our trailers, the Luxury 2 Plus 1 and the Luxury 3 Plus 1 for example, have access on both sides which gives a better opportunity for us to locate and install the trailers in the best place. Available space will also dictate where trailers with opening doors on one side only, can be positioned.

Portable toilet emptying

If you anticipate the luxury toilets will need to be emptied during the hire period (and we can advise on this), you’ll need to bear in mind that our servicing vehicles need to be within 25 metres of the unit they are working on. Bear in mind also, that larger units will not need to be emptied as often as smaller trailers, which may work out to be more cost effective.  

Guest accommodation

Lots of weddings now include a camping option for guests. Where the wedding has campers, more water will be needed, so look at trailers with large fresh water and holding tanks.

The condition of the trailers for hire

Wedding guests deserve the best facilities – see The 5 reasons wedding guests deserve luxury toilet hire – and our fleet of trailers contains nothing older than 3 years, with many units brand new. It’s worth noting that if a hire company is reluctant to let you view their units, there is probably a reason for it!

Guest numbers

With luxury toilet trailers that will cater for events from 10 to 500 guests, it’s important to pick the perfect combination of units. The following is a guide, and our article How many portable toilets do you need for a wedding? has lots more detailed help.

Luxury 1 Plus 1 (one ladies’, and one gent’s toilet) for intimate events from 10 to 100 people

Luxury 2 Plus 1 (2 ladies’, 1 gent’s, 2 urinals) for events with 100 to 190 people

Luxury 3 Plus 1 (3 ladies’, 1 gent’s, 3 urinals ) ideal for events with 250- 350 guests

Luxury 4 Plus 2 (4 ladies’, 2 gent’s, 4 urinals ) suitable for events with 350 – 500 guests

Luxury 8 Bay (8 cubicles or 4+4 for dual use ) perfect for 350 – 500 guests

Wedding portable toilet hire from Fortis Hire

Having supplied over 1500 weddings, Fortis Hire has the experience of portable toilet hire for weddings, and we understand the importance of the service we offer. Our simple booking process and stress-free delivery and collection options are designed to help the wedding planner. We will work with your venue to ensure the best experience is delivered to the entire wedding party, whether that be 50 guests or thousands and we will be available 24 hours a day, in the unlikely event that you require support.

To start your portable toilet hire journey with us, simply call 01525 643850 or email us at and our sales team will guide you through our process and answer any questions.

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