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A quick guide to portable shower hire

15 January 2024

Our latest guide has everything you need to know to hire portable shower units, from what they are to what their benefits to you could be.

What is a portable shower block?

Forget the notion of some eccentric, make-shift contraption as seen in the old Carry On films! At Fortis Hire, our portable shower trailers are clean, modern and feature a luxury interior. Perfect for installation where no permanent facilities exist, a portable shower trailer can offer users all the comforts of home. 

When to hire a portable shower

Attendees and guests at sporting events and festivals or any public event that is held over several days, are the obvious candidates for portable shower unit hire. However, there are other situations that would benefit from portable shower facilities.

Portable shower hire for building sites

Providing portable shower facilities to construction site workers allows them to wash away any potential irritants before travelling home and will prevent them having to travel in company vehicles or their own, covered in dust and dirt. Your builders, in turn, will feel valued and appreciated.

Portable shower hire during refurbishment projects

For some commercial settings, the presence of shower facilities is fundamental, for example in a fitness studio, public gym or swimming pool. When refurbishment work has to be carried out, providing temporary shower facilities could make the difference between having to close down while the work is being carried out, or being able to continue operating and avoid a potential loss of revenue.

Portable shower hire for home renovations

If your home is being remodelled or you are having a new bathroom installed, portable shower hire will allow family members to stay in the home while work is carried out, particularly useful if the work will take several days or weeks, or where there are young children or elderly relatives at home.

Portable shower hire for schools and colleges

Where schools and colleges welcome visiting establishments for sports competitions and events, portable shower hire allows them to maintain the correct ratio of students: showers, as per the DfE guidelines, without the need to build extra, permanent facilities. 

The benefits of portable shower unit hire

The benefits of portable showers are many, and include the following:

  • As an employer, your workforce will feel valued and they will know that their health and safety is your priority.
  • For people away from home, for example festival-goers, a portable shower offers the comforts of home, with a set temperature of 38° C. Many units also have changing room options.
  • Safe and secure – the totally private, individual cubicles cannot be accessed without a key, ensuring privacy and safety to all users.


Shower block hire from Fortis Hire

Our mobile shower units include a 4-bay shower unit and a 6-bay shower unit with individual, lockable cubicles and spacious interiors. We also offer a disabled shower unit which complies fully with current DDA regulations and guidelines.

If you would like to find out more about our mobile shower unit hire, give our friendly team a call on 01525 643850 or send us an email to

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