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A guide to long term portable toilet hire

22 January 2024

Our latest guide explains why long term portable toilet hire is no longer confined to building sites and the construction industry.

Most of us understand the need for long term portable toilet hire for construction sites, but have you considered the following?

Commercial or domestic refurbishments and renovations

Where commercial premises are undergoing refurbishment over an extended period of time, it may not be practical to close down or relocate for the duration of the work. Long term toilet hire enables your business to keep going, without loss of productivity or income. Likewise for home renovations, it can be impractical and inconvenient when a luxury portable toilet can provide you with a luxurious and high end alternative.

TV and film industry

Filming on location can take place over several weeks and even months and not every location will be well-served with toilet facilities to suit your needs. Some locations will be remote and have no toilet provision, while others may have insufficient with an infrastructure that may become quickly overwhelmed. In these cases, long term portable toilet hire is ideal and the beauty of it is units can easily be transported from location to location as required. Learn more about the advantages of honey wagon hire in Standard portable toilet hire Vs luxury toilet hire for film and TV productions.

Public car parks

When we say public car parks, we’re not talking about your city centre, multi-storey car parks where you’re not far from a public loo. No, we’re thinking park and ride locations, historic houses, theme parks. A relief for visitors who have travelled a distance and the perfect way to alleviate the demand for the main facilities while keeping queues to a minimum.

Leisure locations

Where an activity can take place over a large area across several hours (think an 18-hole golf course), strategically situated portable loos will be welcomed by players and greens staff alike. Providing this thoughtful, extra level of comfort for players also means that no one will be tempted to ‘go’ in the bushes!

Seasonal events

Christmas markets and pop-up ice rinks attract large numbers of visitors and existing toilet facilities may not cope with the extra influx of users. Long term luxury portable toilet hire is the perfect addition to your event. It turns a pleasant activity into a VIP experience and will be an incentive for people to visit somewhere where they know they won’t be caught short, especially with younger children.

Long term portable toilet hire from Fortis Hire

With several years’ experience in the provision of portable toilets, we understand your needs, whether for short- or long-term hires. Our entire range of luxury toilets for hire is suitable for long term portable toilet hire and, of course, we always have site toilets for hire too. Long-term hire clients will have a designated point of contact within the business who will service your contract, as well as direct access to a 24-hour support telephone line to connect you to our dedicated team of technicians. Additionally, our in-house portable toilet cleaning service ensures your portable toilet units will be emptied, serviced and restocked and maintained to the highest standards throughout the entire hire.

To find out how we can help with your long term portable toilet hire requirements, send us an email to or give our friendly team a call on  01525 643850.

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