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Standard portable toilet hire Vs luxury toilet hire for film and TV productions

14 March 2022

A market leader in the provision of luxury toilet trailers to the events industry, Fortis Hire understands the need for everyone involved in location filming to be relaxed and comfortable.

In 2020, the revenue from film and high end TV production in the UK was £2.4 billion and following on from the restrictions of the last two years, is only set to rise. It is more important than ever therefore, that the welfare provisions in place for the industry are a cut above the average. With home grown productions attracting the cream of our film industry, as well as industry A-listers from overseas, toilet facilities must not disappoint.   

Advantages of portable luxury toilet hire for location filming

From Downton Abbey and Poldark, to Vera and Doc Martin, our most beloved series have fabulous locations at their heart and it is the location that can affect the success of a programme. When location managers are scouting for the perfect location, it shouldn’t have to be based on whether there will be enough facilities for the actors and film production crew, and with luxury portable toilet trailer hire, it doesn’t have to be.

On location, time is money and where a location has limited facilities, it is vital that costly delays are not incurred because the lack of facilities holds up filming. Sufficient toilet trailers, strategically situated will save time when travelling to them and queueing up at them.

In outdoor locations which are also public places such as beaches and parks, the demand on the permanent facilities available can overwhelm the area. Luxury toilet hire will relieve the burden on the local infrastructure and the facilities will be available 24/7 where public amenities may be locked after dark, allowing night shoots to go ahead without interruption.

Why choose Fortis Hire for location filming toilet hire

Fortis Hire has been involved with several projects at Pinewood Studios, Longcross Studios, Elstree Studios and the recently opened OMA:X Studios, so we understand the need for a professional, reliable and committed service. We realise that a location shoot is so much more than the performers, with directors, producers, camera operators, make-up artists, and wardrobe assistants to name a few. To meet the demands of everyone involved, whether on a large- or small-scale production, we offer a range of units to service every need that your location shoot could possibly need.

Luxury toilet trailer hire

Our luxury toilet trailers are not just fully compliant with industry standards, but they also offer the element of glamour and luxury to elevate your production to Hollywood levels. The high-end hotel interiors are roomy and comfortable with recessed lighting, flushable toilets and basins with running water. Well-lit mirrors and heating plus luxury, indulgent soaps and moisturiser complete the luxury experience for users. Our units range from a luxury 1 plus 1 toilet unit, perfect for modest spaces, to the luxury 4 plus 2 trailer unit, for up to 450 people. This unit has its own water supply and waste storage with 4 ladies’ cubicles and two men’s toilets plus 4 urinals; where required, it can be transformed quickly and easily into a single gender unit. These and all our other luxury toilet hire units can be seen here.

Standard portable toilet hire

These satisfy essential welfare needs at their most basic level and each standalone plastic portable toilet features a hygienic, foot operated, freshwater hand basin and flush system. No mains power is required and all consumables are included. Where larger volumes of users need to be accommodated, our event 4 plus 2 toilet trailer and our standard 4 plus 2 mains unit offer the ideal solution for productions working to budget constraints.

Portable shower units

These are of huge benefit to productions in more remote locations where filming may extend over several hours and the hotel facilities are a distance from the set. Our mobile shower units operate at a set 38°C to provide a home-from-home experience.

Based in Buckinghamshire, Fortis Hire serves London, Greater London and the Home Counties but if your requirement is outside of these areas, please do call to discuss your exact requirements. Our experienced team is available over the phone on 01525 643850 or by email at and is happy to discuss our full range of services.

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