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How to keep portable toilets clean

20 May 2024

We dispel the reputation portable toilets have for being unhygienic and unsanitary, and explain how we keep our toilet trailers in the best possible condition.

Many people are reluctant to consider event toilet hire for fear they will be dirty and smelly. However, hiring from a reputable company like Fortis Hire will give you the peace of mind that you are offering users a luxury experience.

Are portable toilets clean?

Whether we are delivering and installing site toilets for hire or luxury wedding toilets for hire, all our units arrive at your venue in pristine condition. Prior to delivery, the units are steam cleaned, sanitised and fully stocked with all consumables.

How often should portable toilets be cleaned?

This will depend on how many people are using the portable toilets and how many you have. Generally, a single use, plastic portable toilet will serve 10 people over a 40-hour week before it becomes unsanitary and needs to be cleaned and emptied.

How are portable toilets cleaned?

On their return to us at the end of a hire, all portable toilets are emptied by us, using our own fleet of vacuum pump trucks. We dispose of all waste ethically as upper tier licence holders with the Environment Agency. Once the units are empty, we use steam to clean them as the high temperatures involved allow us to break down all odours and bacteria without the use of chemicals. Before the toilets go out on their next hire, they are deodorised and fully stocked.

Do portable toilets get cleaned for you?

Maintaining the cleanliness of portable toilets throughout the hire period is important. At Fortis Hire, we are able to offer a cleaning service to maintain the toilets while you have them at your venue. Our pump trucks can arrive on site to empty, refill, clean and replenish the units, and we can discuss an attendant service to help maintain the toilets throughout the event.

How hygienic are portable toilets?

Today, there is no reason why any portable toilet should ever be unhygienic. They are delivered in a sanitary and pristine condition, maintained throughout the hire period, and removed quickly and efficiently at the end of the hire. Where you need event toilet hire over several days, we can also arrange for a manned vacuum pump truck to be present throughout, to service the units as necessary. This removes the disruption of tankers entering and leaving your venue during the event.

Toilet cleaning from Fortis Hire

Whether you hire a luxury toilet trailer for a weekend event, or you need long term construction site hire, we offer the same comprehensive cleaning service to all our clients. Our toilet cleaning service is also available to other toilet hire companies who do not have their own pump trucks.

To discuss any aspect of our portable toilet cleaning service, or to find out more about luxury toilet hire or standard portable toilet hire, give the team a call on 01525 643850 or send an email to

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