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Fresh flush portable toilets

06 March 2023

As a business constantly looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint, we are pleased to introduce our new Fresh Flush portable honeywagon to our fleet of luxury toilet trailers.

Mindful of the impact our industry can have on the environment, we continually strive to adapt our way of working to minimise the environmental consequences of what we do. For this reason this year, 2023, we have invested in a range of eco-friendly Fresh Flush Systems. We have also recently been approved as a We Are Albert Supplier as we try to improve our way of working and subsequently our carbon footprint on the world within the film industry. 

What is a Fresh Flush portable toilet system?

Showcasing the latest design in portable toilets, the Fresh Flush honeywagon is the most eco-friendly portable toilet currently on the market.

Features of the Fresh Flush System

We have worked closely with the UK based manufacturer to design these new toilet facilities with the following features:

Self-generating power supply

Each unit is powered by its own solar panels so no mains supply or generators are required. The solar panels span the width and length of the unit which maximises the output and increases the energy that can be stored internally in the batteries. This means that even in the winter, the toilet facilities can be run off the solar panels rather than a 16 amp mains connection.

Water saving

Each flush is powered by a foot-operated flush which starts a low-energy 12-volt pump that flushes the toilet and refills the bowl. This method uses only 0.3 litres of water per flush compared to a normal home toilet which uses between 5-7 litres per flush.

The hand wash is recycled and used as the flush in each toilet cubicle in order to save water. This combined with each tap for hand water being gravity fed, helps reduce our water and power consumption as we don’t rely on heavy-duty waste or water pumps which reduces the need for additional power.

Eco-friendly consumables

We use 100% recycled toilet paper in all of our units and source all our consumables from suppliers who manufacture in the UK. We also ensure that when we purchase consumables, we buy in bulk to limit the transportation costs and our carbon footprint on the planet.


No blue chemicals are used within the system making it 100% chemical-free.

The Fresh Flush 5 bay toilet trailer from Fortis Hire

Our Fresh Flush 5 bay unit features five individual, lockable cubicles to service up to 300 people over an 8-hour period. Perfect for location filming, the honeywagon trailer is 4.75m long (5.8m with the towing frame), 2.30m wide (3.2m including the steps), and 2.90m high and can be delivered and installed at your location at a time convenient to you.

At Fortis, we are constantly improving upon the way we work and our investment in Fresh Flush 5-bay honeywagons allows us to be more economical and environmentally friendly. By providing our clients in the film, TV and event industries, with the latest and most innovative design, we can continue to maintain the highest industry standards to keep our customers happy, while meeting our internal/external environmental obligations.

To find out more about the latest member of the Fortis Hire fleet, call today on 01525 643850 or email us at

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