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Filming on location in winter – our top tips

08 November 2022

Location managers face many more challenges on cold weather shoots than they do in warmer months, but here are our top tips for you to be as prepared as possible.

As a location manager, you cannot predict the weather, but knowing it is likely to be colder in some months will enable you to get ahead of the cold and put plans in place for your equipment, cast and crew.

Care of equipment

When filming in the UK, you will rarely experience temperatures low enough to impact on the efficiency of digital cameras and LED screens, but you will need to ensure equipment is taken care of. Keeping cameras outdoors during breaks in an exterior shoot will avoid them steaming up from condensation and always check the temperature of batteries – cold temperatures can lead to batteries running on just half their power.


There can be a lot of standing around on set but layers of water- and wind-proof clothes will be your best friend. Natural fibres like wool and fleece will keep the heat in and will dry when you sweat. Cotton fabrics should be avoided however, as they do not wick sweat, that is they do not keep moisture away from the skin. Accessories such as waterproof wellington boots, hats, scarves and gloves are also vital. For actors in costume, throws and blankets are useful to have on hand in between takes, particularly in more remote, outdoor locations where there may be nowhere for performers to take shelter from the cold.

Catering for cold weather shoots

Not only do we have fewer hours of daylight in winter (the shortest day in December has less than 8 hours of daylight), but it turns from day to night very quickly. Cold, dark days take their toll and you may have people on set from very early to very late. Ensure you hire location caterers who can provide a choice of hot and cold dishes, with between-mealtime snacks and a plentiful supply of hot drinks. Of course it goes without saying that all dietary and religious requirements should also be catered for.

Toilet facilities on set

It is vital for the wellbeing of performers and technicians to stay hydrated on set. Being hydrated helps to combat the debilitating cold but where there are insufficient or, even worse, no permanent toilet facilities, people will avoid the hassle involved with going to the toilet in the cold. In turn they may deliberately drink less to avoid having ‘to go’ which in turn leads to them functioning way below par.

Luxury portable toilet hire for winter location filming

For cold weather shoots, where there is nowhere for cast and crew to take shelter, luxury portable toilets from Fortis Hire offer spacious enough interiors for costume changes and all but our smallest unit have heaters. The presence of quality portable toilets which have warm interiors will also encourage them to be used and thus avoid the danger of people dehydrating (see above).

Why use Fortis Hire for filming on location in winter

We will bring our experience of working on projects across several studios, including Pinewood, Longcross, Elstree and OMA:X to your location, along with a reliable and committed service from our longstanding team of staff. We offer a wide choice of luxury toilet trailer from our largest units, the luxury 8 bay toilet and the luxury 4 plus 2 toilet which each cater for up to 450 people across an 8-hour period, to our smallest unit, the luxury 1 plus 1 which is ideal to use as a supplement to existing, permanent facilities.  We also supply DDA compliant luxury disabled toilet units to allow accessibility to all and to provide an inclusive work environment.

Your performers and crew deserve the very best facilities that you only get from a luxury portable toilet trailer. At Fortis Hire, our entire fleet is made up of units less than three years old and all boast high-end interiors with recessed lighting, fully flushing toilets and ceramic basins with well-lit mirrors.

Where your shoot lasts for several days or longer, we can arrange for waste to be removed discreetly for ethical disposal, with the minimum of disruption to your shoot. We will replenish all luxury consumables as necessary and can provide generator hire for locations with no mains electricity. When trailers are removed at the end of the hire period, we will ensure the location is left in an undisturbed condition.

To discuss your exact requirements for location luxury toilet hire or for any event toilet hire, please call 01525 643850 or email the team at

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