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Do builders need portable shower hire?

05 March 2024

Our latest guide focusses on whether builders and construction site workers need access to portable shower facilities and, if so, why?

In a recent blog post, we discussed Health & Safety on building sites in which we touched upon providing shower facilities on construction sites and here, we look a little more closely into whether builders really do need portable showers.

What is a portable shower?

A mobile shower unit is a portable trailer containing a shower that can be installed where there are no permanent facilities. They are suitable for any location of occasion requiring showering facilities in the absence of traditional bathrooms.

Legal requirements for the construction industry

Construction is one industry that has detailed guidelines set out by the Health & Safety Executive. These guidelines state that ‘suitable and sufficient washing facilities, including showers if required by the nature of the work...’ should be available to workers onsite. The guidelines set out the nature of the facilities i.e. that showers must be single occupancy, separate cubicles that are fully lockable.

Benefits to workers and employers

While the provision of PPE for builders – hard hats, protective gloves and boots, eye protectors and ear defenders etc. – will go a long way to keeping them safe, it doesn’t allow them to clean themselves after a long day on a filthy Site. They may come into contact with materials that are hazardous or that could cause irritations or reactions. Added to this, they may face a long return journey home before they can shower themselves off. Providing portable shower facilities lets your workers know you care enough about their wellbeing to enable them to shower before heading home, allowing them to wash away any potential substances from their skin, and avoiding prolonged contact.

Similarly, by providing employees with shower facilities gives employers the peace of mind that their site is completely compliant and their workforce is safe.

Benefits of portable shower hire

Portable shower units offer complete flexibility to organisers, requiring only a flat surface to be sited on. They can also be moved from site to site quickly as needed, and are available for long- or short-term hire so that employees can have constant access at all times throughout a contract.

The maintenance and cleaning of the trailers can be undertaken by Fortis Hire, freeing up personnel to focus elsewhere and all waste removal is carried out by us ethically and responsibly.

Portable shower hire from Fortis Hire

At Fortis Hire, we provide 4 bay shower units and 6 bay shower units, each with individual, lockable cubicles, and a disabled shower unit. All are perfect for the construction industry, allowing site managers and facilities managers to be compliant with Government guidelines. The shower trailers require a mains water supply but we can supply an IBC where no mains connection is available. As upper tier licence holders with The Environment Agency, we are also qualified to empty, remove, and dispose of all waste.

To hire portable shower units for your site, get in touch today by email at or by telephone on 01525 643850.

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