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Vacuum toilet pods and public events

16 August 2023

Vacuum toilets offer the very latest technology in the portable toilet industry. Here we look at their place at public events and what they offer event organisers and planners.

Using the same vacuum technology as aircraft toilets, the vacuum toilet pod has proved a popular addition to all kinds of public events.

Features of a luxury vacuum toilet pod

As part of our luxury portable toilet range, vacuum pods have all the high-end features of our flushing toilet trailers. They are fitted out with ceramic toilets and basins and the vanity areas are well-lit with large mirrors. Supplied with luxurious hand wash and lotion, the pods have hot and cold running water and are equipped with electric hand dryers, with the urinal pods having a hand sanitising system.

Benefits of vacuum toilet pods for event organisers

As event organisers are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental responsibilities, the vacuum pod is becoming the go-to facility for heavy footfall, large scale, public events for the following reasons:

  • Vacuum toilets use less water – as the vacuum system does not use water to dispose of waste, water consumption is reduced by between 80-90%
  • Vacuum toilets are chemical-free – chemicals are added to the water used for flushing a traditional toilet to maintain hygiene levels. As vacuum toilets do not use water, they are therefore 100% chemical-free.
  • Vacuum pods require no downtime while being emptied - emptying the waste tank of a vacuum pod takes between 1-3 minutes as waste is pumped directly into a waste tank. This means that the facilities can remain in service at all times, allowing a free flow of traffic through them.
  • Portable vacuum toilets keep queues down – when a traditional flushing toilet goes through its cycle, it cannot be flushed again until the cycle has finished, slowing down how many people can use the toilet. A vacuum toilet has a much shorter cycle which allows more people to use it in the same amount of time. In this way, queues keep moving and a steady flow of traffic is created.
  • Vacuum toilets are hygienic – at high volume events, organisers need to be aware of their commitment to the health and safety of all guests and attendees. As no water is employed in the disposal of waste from a vacuum toilet, there is a greatly reduced chance of splash back from the toilet which in turn reduces the risk of the spread of bacteria.
  • Suppliers of vacuum toilets have a reduced carbon footprint and use less fuel when delivering vacuum pods to venues. This is because more units can be delivered in a single load, cutting down the number of journeys required, supplier fleet emissions and fuel consumption.

Events portable vacuum toilets are suitable for

Vacuum toilet pods are suitable for ethically minded organisations and events, and for any large-scale public event. At Fortis Hire, we have supplied vacuum pods to the Silverstone F1 event and Moto GP,  as well as live music events including Nocturne at Blenheim Palace, and events such as the Cambridge Real Ale Festival. 

Luxury portable vacuum toilets from Fortis Hire

We offer three vacuum toilet pod options:

Luxury vacuum male pods

The Luxury vacuum male pods feature 2 cubicled toilets plus 6 urinals. The unit requires a 16amp 240v power supply.

Luxury vacuum female pods

Luxury vacuum female pods have 4 individual cubicles and requires a 16amp 240v power supply.

Luxury urinal pod

Perfect for keeping queues to a minimum at events with a high proportion of male attendees, the luxury urinal pod has 12 ceramic urinals, and hand sanitiser dispensers. The unit requires a 16amp 240v power supply.

What our luxury toilet hire includes

Units will be delivered to sites with flat, level ground, fully stocked with all necessary consumables, which can be replenished throughout the hire period. While delivery is usually within normal working hours, we are able to arrange an out of hours delivery and collection service on request. All units require a 240v power supply but where this is not available, we can offer additional generator hire. For multi-day events, additional waste removal can be provided. All our customers are given 24 hours a day, 365 days a year access to our telephone support line and team of engineers.

For more information about how our portable vacuum toilets can add value to your next public event, please call on 01525 643850 or send us some details via email to

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