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Luxury toilet hire for charity events

06 October 2023

Charity events encompass a wide spectrum of events, from community fundraisers to large-scale celebrity auctions. We’ll explain everything you need to organise an event successfully.

Considerations when choosing luxury toilet hire for a charity event

In order to book the correct portable toilets for any charity event, organisers need to consider the following points:

The charity event venue

Will the event be held indoors or outdoors and how big is the venue? For large venues consider whether there will be easy access to existing facilities for attendees – if not, additional toilets should be provided so that no one has to go far or queue.  Thought should also be given to access for delivery vehicles; where this is restricted, location of the units may be affected, and the venue layout may be significant.

Existing, permanent toilet facilities

Where your event has access to existing toilet facilities, will these be sufficient? How many portable toilets do I need? looks at factors such as guest numbers, the gender split and whether there will be refreshments available, and even takes into account the duration of the event.

Accessibility and inclusion

Is your event family-friendly? If so, facilities should be available that can be accessed by those with babies and toddlers using prams and pushchairs. Likewise, wheelchair users or those with attendant carers must be provided with accessible facilities.

Time of year

Where charity events take place in winter, guests can benefit from heated luxury toilet units, which will be appreciated by everyone.

Why luxury toilet hire for charity events?

Luxury toilets offer a VIP experience for guests thanks to their high end, luxury interiors which will also go a long way to raising the profile of the event. Features include spacious vanity areas with ceramic basins, luxury consumables and hot and cold running water, and all but the smallest unit are equipped with heaters.  Where our standard portable toilets are single use units perfect for construction sites, our luxury trailers are available in a wide choice of units for every occasion.

Luxury toilets for hire for charity events

The following is a selection of our most popular luxury units, all recommended for any size of charity event:

The Event 4+2 Toilet Trailer

The largest event-style unit in our fleet, the Event 4+2 is ideal for events with high guest numbers. Sufficient for up to 450 people over 8 hours, the unit has 4 ladies’ toilets and 2 men’s toilets plus 4 urinals.

Luxury Disabled Unit

For family-friendly events and to accommodate all user needs, the Luxury Disabled Toilet has baby changing facilities and is completely wheelchair friendly and DDA compliant.

Luxury Portable Urinal Hire

Easily located close to beer tents and refreshment areas, the Luxury Portable Urinal is perfect for events with a higher proportion of male to female guests. The unit will accommodate up to 24 males and has a children’s section.

The Luxury 2 Plus 1 Toilet

Perfect as a complement to existing facilities, the Luxury 2+1 is a popular choice, accommodating up to 150 people in an 8-hour period across 2 ladies’ toilets, I men’s toilet and 2 urinals.

Charity event luxury toilet hire from Fortis Hire

Our owner and director has a strong background in events management which has given Fortis Hire an in-depth understanding of the planning required to hold a charity event. We are committed to providing the best service possible through the delivery of quality, new luxury toilets. To discuss how we can help you organise your next charity event, or for a no-obligation quote, please call us on 01525 643850 or send an email to

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