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What is a vacuum toilet pod?

17 October 2022

The most recent addition to the range of luxury portable toilet units we offer, the vacuum pump toilet is the eco-friendly equivalent to its traditional older cousin. Here, we look at what a vacuum toilet pod is and how they work.

Considered revolutionary in the portable toilet industry, vacuum pump toilets are becoming increasingly popular at all types of public events and particularly those where organisers are concerned about their environmental footprint.

What is a vacuum toilet?

A vacuum toilet is a flush toilet that uses suction to remove waste matter rather than just gravity. For anyone who has ever flown, a vacuum toilet uses the same technology as an aircraft toilet; they work similarly to a traditional flushing toilet and there is no difference in appearance.

Benefits of a portable vacuum toilet

Traditional portable toilets that use a flushing system will use approximately 5-9 litres of water per flush. By comparison, a vacuum pod reduces this amount by up to 90%, using just under 1 litre of water per flush. For large events with high volumes of footfall, this represents a massive saving.

In addition to the reduced amount of water a vacuum pod toilet uses, no chemicals are required to maintain the water hygiene levels, as no waste water is used for flushing, making them 100% chemical-free.

As the vacuum toilets have no macerator, the highly efficient removal system reduces the risk of blockages.

Vacuum toilet pods at public events

This environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional portable toilet will reduce queues at events where it is important to keep traffic moving – a complete cycle takes far less time than a flushing system, allowing more people to use a cubicle in the same period. As vacuum pod toilets are emptied into a waste tank, which takes a matter of minutes, there is little to no downtime, allowing the units to be in constant use.

Features of a portable luxury vacuum toilet pod

At Fortis Hire, our luxury vacuum pods are available as all-male pods, all-female pods, and a luxury urinal pod. Finished with the same high-end quality of all our luxury toilet trailers, our portable vacuum toilets feature ceramic toilets and basins, indulgent consumables, a well-lit vanity area with large mirrors, hot and cold running water and electric hand dryers (the urinal pod features a hand sanitising system). Lightweight for easy on-site installation with a forklift, the vacuum pods require 1x16amp 240V power supply.

Events that vacuum toilets are suitable for

Portable vacuum toilets are the perfect solution for large-scale public events where traffic flow needs to be steady and free-flowing. We have supplied our vacuum pods to festivals, motorsports events (Silverstone F1 Grand Prix) and most major sporting fixtures.

Luxury portable toilet hire from Fortis Hire

Luxury toilet hire from Fortis Hire gives you peace of mind from knowing we have extensive experience of supplying a wide range of large-scale events. We can deliver, install and collect our units at a time that is convenient to you, and all our clients have 24-hour telephone access to our team of emergency technicians.

To discuss how we can help you at your next event, please email the sales team at or telephone us on 01525 643850.

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