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Luxury portable toilet hire for marathons, half marathons and fun runs

02 June 2023

From elite runners to fun runners, runners of any distance require strength, fortitude and plenty of liquids! We look at the importance of luxury toilet hire for marathons, half marathons, and fun runs.

Organisers of running events have a host of challenges to overcome coordinating runners, spectators and local community members, and portable toilet hire plays a major role in ensuring all goes smoothly on the day.

The benefits of luxury toilet hire for running races

Portable toilet hire helps runners be their best - For participants aiming to achieve a personal best, stopping to find a portable toilet may not be an option. Having toilets positioned along the route enables them to remain focused, without the pressure of not knowing where they will find a toilet, leading some perhaps to ‘go’ enroute.

Portable toilet hire protects runners’ health - Elite runners prioritise their health, particularly ahead of a race and training and nutrition are geared towards success. However, physical stress can trigger the need for a toilet and for those who choose to ignore this and simply push through, the risks to their health are increased. Not going to the toilet can lead to stress incontinence, infections and kidney stones. Where a route has portable toilet facilities to access, runners are more likely to respond to the call of nature.

Portable toilet hire helps keep running routes sanitary - Many road races are held along streets and routes that take participants through towns and cities and other scenic areas such as coastal routes. Organisers have a responsibility to ensure that levels of appropriate sanitation are maintained for the local community. Portable toilet hire is also relevant to races that take place in more remote locations where there is no permanent infrastructure in place.   

Portable toilet hire fosters good community relations – Shops and businesses will appreciate the increased footfall that races attract but they won’t appreciate long queues of people wanting to use their facilities which are there for use by their own patrons and customers. Responsible event organisers understand that providing sufficient portable toilets fosters positive community relations.

Portable toilet hire attracts more interest in the event – Participants and spectators are more likely to sign up for the race/attend if they know there will be sufficient facilities on the day. Seeing luxury portable toilets in situ will show onlookers that the event has been organised by people committed to the physical and emotional wellbeing of all involved. Spectators with physical challenges, and families too, will appreciate the provision of a luxury disabled toilet with baby changing facilities.

How many toilets do I need?

Sources recommend one toilet unit per 50 runners, while a smaller ratio of one unit per 10 runners is advised to accommodate a high level of repeat usage. Marathons in major cities have supplied one unit per 25 runners (London 2016), but if you are unsure, our sales team is experienced and on hand to advise.

Where to position portable toilets

The majority of portable toilet units should be located near to the start point, reducing the need for participants to queue ahead of the race, causing leg fatigue before they’ve even started. A good tip is to arrange them in a U shape so all are visible and none will go unused. At the end point too, toilets should be present in greater numbers so that runners can focus on stretching out rather than queueing! For distance races, position other portable toilets strategically along the route at regular intervals or at points that are more remote.

The best portable toilet for running races

Our selection of standard portable toilets is ideal for organisers working to tight budgets or those sourcing high volumes of units. The Standard 4 Plus 2 Mains unit is ideal for high volume public events being organised within a strict budget, and will accommodate over 450 people across an 8-hour period. Our single use plastic portable toilet offers a great solution to budget considerations at larger events as multiple units can be quickly and easily installed.

With vast experience in the supply of luxury portable toilets and standard portable toilets to the event industry, Fortis Hire is happy to advise race organisers on the best combination of toilet facilities for individual events. For an informal discussion and to find out more, call our friendly team on 01525 643850 or email us at today.

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