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Luxury toilet hire for house parties

26 June 2024

Luxury toilet hire isn’t just for large, public events and our latest guide looks at portable toilet hire for house parties.

If you’re thinking of throwing a house party but are worried whether your toilets will cope, fear not. Party toilet hire from Fortis Hire is suitable for all types of party.

Occasions for party toilet hire

More and more of us are celebrating special occasions from home but what types of party can benefit from party toilet hire?

Birthday parties – from a children’s party to celebrating a milestone birthday for a loved one, birthday parties at home can be very special.

Anniversary celebrations – perhaps parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary and you’ve decided to throw a surprise garden party for them with family and friends. Or you just want to honour them with special friends.

Exam celebrations – when school’s out for your teenagers, either for the summer or for good, letting them mark the end of exams with a party at home is a nice gesture.

Baby shower/gender reveal – from showering the expectant Mum with baby gifts to letting family and friends know whether it’s a boy or a girl, baby celebrations often take place at home.

Benefits of toilet hire for parties

Most party guests will be served something to eat and drink, so, regardless of guest numbers, the chances are that your home loo(s) will not be enough.

Factor in that there may be guests you don’t know very well, and you have to think about whether you want a higher volume of people walking through your home to use the loo, leaving you with the cleanup that follows.

Much more water-saving than your household loo, a luxury portable toilet will help keep water bills down.

Where you don’t have the luxury of a downstairs loo, party toilet hire means all guests can access facilities; a great advantage to less able-bodied guests.

If your own toilet(s) at home has seen better days or you’re just not sure they’ll pass muster, a luxury toilet trailer offers a high-end finish with generous vanity areas and luxury consumables.

How many toilets for a house party?

This will depend on guest numbers, existing facilities, and whether you are serving refreshments. How many portable toilets do I need? has lots of helpful information but, as an example, our Luxury 1 plus 1 toilet (the smallest luxury unit we offer) has two separate cubicles and will easily accommodate up to 100 people over an 8-hour period. Our full range of luxury toilets for hire can be seen here.

Party toilet hire from Fortis Hire

It can be quite daunting when you hire a toilet for a party for the first time. But rest assured that our whole team is friendly and helpful, and will guide you through the process. We will help you to pick the perfect luxury toilet for your needs and will arrange delivery, installation and removal as well. We can advise on the insurance you will need and we will provide all necessary consumables for your guests to have the best experience. To get your party started, contact us by email at or give us a call on 01525 643850.

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