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Honey wagon hire on location

09 July 2024

At Fortis Hire we have vast experience in honey wagon hire and in our latest guide, we look at its importance when location filming.

What is on location filming?

Many people think that on location filming is outdoor filming when in fact it just means filming somewhere that isn’t in a studio. So, a studio shoot will always be indoors, but location filming can be indoors or out.

The pros and cons of location filming Vs studio filming

As we have touched upon in previous blog posts, there are many factors to consider for location managers, with each having pros and cons as follows:

Cost – while often cheaper than the cost of studio hire, location shoots are not without their challenges. Although there will be no costs incurred for set building, a location shoot will require the provision of all equipment, possibly power if it’s an outdoor location, and often amenities such as bathroom facilities. Then there’s the cost of any permits required plus transport costs, and security costs.

Control – while environmental conditions such as the weather can be controlled in a studio, you may be restricted by space constraints which dictate shooting angles, making panoramic backdrops challenging. This of course can have the opposite effect if you need a bright sunny day in a park for your scene and it’s pouring with rain!

Flexibility – studios are generally more flexible when it comes to filming schedules over-running but they lack the authenticity of a location shoot, requiring set design and props that will give credibility to the shoot.

Accessibility – studio accessibility may be more straightforward than outdoor location shoots which may or may not compensate for the lack of real world authenticity.

Realism – there’s no denying that a location shoot has the advantage of authenticity and realism with access to ‘real’ settings that can be hard to replicate in a studio (think historical pieces), but location shoots require good access, permissions and facilities that may not be available.

The benefits of honey wagon hire on location

Of all the factors and challenges that location scouts and managers have to juggle, toilet facilities do not have to be part of them. Whether you are planning an urban location shoot or need an outdoor location for filming in winter, honey wagon hire can help. The insufficient, or complete lack of, amenities never has to restrict your choice of location again, enabling adequate provision of welfare facilities such as toilets, washing and changing facilities.

Honey wagon hire from Fortis Hire

At Fortis Hire, we have experience of working with many of the major UK film studios, including Pinewood and Elstree, and we are an authorised supplier for We Are Albert, an organisation that supports the global film and TV industry to reduce the environmental impacts of production.

We offer a wide range of luxury honey wagons for hire, including our smallest unit, the Luxury 1 plus 1 toilet suitable as a complement to exiting facilities, and the Fresh Flush 5-bay trailer, the most eco-friendly unit on the market.  Where accessible luxury toilet hire for location filming is essential, we offer a luxury disabled toilet, a luxury accessible toilet and shower unit, plus a High Dependency Unit.

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