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Planning after the COVID 19 Lockdown

02 April 2020

The Future - After the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) lockdown we have prepared some crucial points for you to consider to help plan your perfect wedding or event now! 


In the current climate of complete lockdown it is very easy to fall into a mindset that assumes that things will be like this for ever. Clearly this is not the case and at some stage in the near future the UK and the rest of mainland Europe will be open for business once again.

One thing that small event and wedding planners may not have factored in is the fact that many people, particularly those planning a wedding, have totally written off 2020 and will instead look to reschedule to 2021 as a preferred game plan. For this reason the not inexhaustible resources available from florists, luxury car suppliers and chauffers, tipi and marquee suppliers, occasion cake bakers, venues, entertainment suppliers and yes the Luxury Toilet suppliers will all be under a greater stress than the usual balanced rush that a normal year affords. It is therefore vital that you think ahead to avoid being last in the line for the best services and equipment to make your event exactly how you imagined it. 

If you are one of the many people whos big day has been decimated by the Corronavirus, then now is the time to be the early bird that catches the bird (so to speak). For a small deposit these suppliers will be pleased to take your bookings for 2021 and 2022 which will take the stress out of your event planning and give you something to look forward to on the other side of this tragic and cruel Pandemic.

Some of the services you may look to procure when planning for your perfect event are listed below which should help ease the stress when trying to find some trusted suppliers:

Luxury Toilet Hire - Your already here. Just contact us for more information and a quotation. 

Fortis Hire -

Luxury Showers

Laughton Showers -

Luxury Tipi Hire 

Country Tipis -

Cambridge Tent Company -

Marquee Hire 

Original Marquees -

One Six Events -

Wedding Cars  

JD Prestige Cars -

Vintage Wedding Cars -

Wedding Photographers

Binky Nikon -

Emily Little -

Wedding Cakes

Tracey Cakes -

Penn Wedding Cakes -


Flowers at 58 -

Please remember next year will be one of the busiest ever, so make sure that you are ahead of the crowd and book now! 

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