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Adapting to the Pandemic, The Bigger Picture and the Big Screen !

15 July 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the way we live our lives and has cancelled many large public events, country shows, concerts and weddings where we would normally be proudly supplying our Luxury Toilet fleet.

With restrictions in place and the virtual grounding of all our normal functions, Fortis has had to adapt it’s services to the new needs and statutory requirements of our customers.

One such customer is Luna Cinema, a well established company which deals in providing open air cinema to the masses in stunning locations around the country. With the reality that seating a large number of people to watch a film was not pandemically possible, Luna adapted their operation to run as a drive-in movie experience. Luna Cinema’s chosen venues for the drive-in movie experience include Blenheim Palace, Knebworth House, Allianz Park, Printworks and Warwick Castle. 

From Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchhill and home to the Duke of Marlborough, proudly being the only building named a Palace that is not in Royal Ownership. To, Warwick Castle, a medieval masterpiece built by William the Conqueror, dating back as far as 1068. Sitting proudly on a bend on the River Avon the castle is a regal backdrop to Luna Cinema Warwick as well as being a popular visitor attraction in it’s own right. These venues provide ideal locations while watching some of the latest movies to hit our TV’s as well as the TV classics. 

As a supporting supplier who would normally station our Luxury Toilet trailers at each venue we have had to adapt to social distancing needs of Luna customers and have invested in our fleet to provide the best portable plastic toilets.

Unlike many of our competitors, Fortis Hire use PolyJohn single Fleet toilet units. Our single toilet offers 24% more interior floor space than other units in its class, while featuring a foot pedal activated flush and fresh water sink for hand washing. These features are also complimented by hand soap and paper towel dispensers, crucial to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Over the course of July we have provided 80 toilets to 5 locations across the UK and we are on course to use of 3,000 toilet rolls, 6,000 hand towels, 1000 litres of soap and 2000 litres of germ busting anti bacterial hand sanitiser spray to help customers to Stay safe, Control the Virus and Ultimately Save Lives.

We have all been affected by the Covid-19 Virus and Luna Cinema have allowed people to come together in a safe way to enjoy a movie. This has helped manage people’s mental health providing people with a safe alternative to enrich their lives and combat the effect of isolation. Fortis is proud to be providing the resources to allow life to carry on post lockdown and our staff have been working tirelessly to ensure spotless sanitary solutions across our customers' sites.

After the school holidays Fortis will again be adapting to the new normal as we install our exciting new hand wash stations and toilet facilities into Schools and Colleges across the south of England to ensure that pupils are kept safe. Many offices and factories are also returning to a new regime where social distancing may require extra sanitary needs and  Fortis has the answer to all these needs.

Our hand wash stations have 2 sinks back to back with overhead towel and soap dispenser and foot pedal operated tap. The large water tanks provide 83 litres fresh water and 91 litre of grey water waste giving our clients a flexible and free-standing choice to place where they see fit. 

The world may have changed but one thing remains constant and that is Fortis Hire’s commitment to supply the equipment services and support to keep our customers safe and well with the best sanitary solutions on the market.

We still have hand wash stations and toilets available for hire so please browse our range and we will be pleased to help you choose the best options to fulfil your needs.

In the meantine, please

Wash your hands as often as possible

Stay Alert

Control The Virus

And Most Importantly Save Lives


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